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Economic Abuse of the Elderly

  Most states have statutory schemes set up designed to prevent or stop the physical, mental or financial abuse of the elderly. In Massachusetts G.L. 19A, §§14-26 sets out a framework for the reporting of elder abuse and for the … Continue reading


  As of November, significant statutory changes to the law of medical malpractice cases went into effect in Massachusetts. Referred to by some as the so-called “disclosure, apologize and offer” law, the statute has been touted by the healthcare industry … Continue reading

Protecting Yourself:

According to one study conducted by the Institute of Medicine, and published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), medical malpractice is reportedly the third leading cause of death among Americans. The report “To Err Is Human” describes … Continue reading

Client Victories

  • $1 million for injury to person's back
  • $500,000 for other injury to person's legs
  • $250,000 for injury $200,000 for small injury