We place a high degree of trust in the medical profession. We know that doctors must undergo rigorous training, and we believe that when we see them, we will be given their undivided attention and best efforts to heal our illnesses.

Thankfully, most of the time, our trust is well-placed. However, in some instances, doctors fail to comply with the standards of care that govern their profession. They may miss conditions that warrant further diagnosis or testing, or they may simply not take the time or ask the questions that should be asked. Sometimes, doctors are under personal stress, addiction, or other impairment which can prevent them from treating patients in the manner expected by their profession.

As a result, doctors can misdiagnosis medical conditions, or they can fail to adequately diagnosis a condition in a timely manner. In either case, the results can be devastating.

Treatment may not be timely undertaken, or the wrong treatments may be administered. Illnesses that may be easily treatable in the early stages may require much more aggressive treatment. In some situations, death can result if the right diagnosis is not timely made.

Failing to timely make a correct diagnosis can have the same devastating consequences of making a wrong diagnosis. Both situations can have irreversible consequences for the patient, and can sometimes lead to death. When doctors fail to meet the standards that govern their profession, we’re there to represent those injured from their negligence.

When Doctors Fail to Adhere to the Standards that Govern Their Profession, and a Misdiagnosis is Made, They May be Responsible For The Injuries that Result

When a doctor fails to make the correct diagnosis, it’s important to understand why this has occurred. This can only be done in conjunction with working with medical experts to understand aspects such as:

  • Were the symptoms carefully checked?
  • Did the doctor ask the appropriate questions?
  • Were necessary tests undertaken?

As an example, even if the wrong diagnosis is made, this does not necessarily mean that an injured person will win; what must be shown is usually that the doctor failed to comply with the professional standards, such as by not thoroughly examining a patient or conducting the proper tests. We vigorously represent clients to do our best to ensure that all aspects of their claim can be proven so that they can prevail.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to a misdiagnosis, please call our firm for a free case evaluation. We will listen to your case and provide you with information about what must be proven in order to win. There are no fees for our services unless and until you receive compensation.

  • Client Victories

    • Playground equipment settlement: $950,000
    • Negligent administration of anesthesia and monitoring of patient during lumbar disk neurosurgery: $3,750,000
    • Negligent performance of forceps delivery with median episiotomy: $950,000