Accidental injury or death can occur in virtually any aspect of day to day living – in the home, at work, while driving on the road, during recreation, or in other settings. As a personal injury attorney for more than 30 years, firm attorney John Flemming has developed a successful record in obtaining financial recovery for clients in matters such as:

  • Truck accident cases involving major national tractor trailer carriers and garbage trucks;
  • Slips, trips and falls at malls, stores, office buildings and residences;
  • Railroad crossing fatal accidents;
  • Recreational and playground accidents caused by negligent construction or maintenance facilities;
  • Drowning due to negligent construction of hydroelectric power plant dams; and
  • Drowning due to substandard supervision of recreation school canoe trips.

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What Must be Done to Win Your Case

Our firm represents those injured in accidents due to the negligence of others. We understand the degree of proof that must be demonstrated in order to obtain a recovery.

Often, there is a tendency to think of accidents as being clear-cut in terms of responsibility. In a car accident, for example, it may seem obvious that one driver is responsible for hitting another person’s car.

During litigation, defense attorneys and the insurance companies for the person seemingly responsible for causing the accident will blame other people (and sometimes even the driver in the vehicle that was hit) for causing the accident. They may blame other drivers, road conditions, traffic signals, or many other factors as the “real” cause of the accident in an effort to avoid liability.

Our firm hires experts to prove the actual cause of the accidents so that you can recover from those who are truly responsible.

Call our firm if you’ve been injured in an accident to find out how we can help you recover. The initial consultation is free, and there is no fee unless you win.

  • Client Victories

    • Playground equipment settlement: $950,000
    • Negligent administration of anesthesia and monitoring of patient during lumbar disk neurosurgery: $3,750,000
    • Negligent performance of forceps delivery with median episiotomy: $950,000